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April 12, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Ask And You Shall Receive

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Today's song is Day By Day by Godspell, released in 1971.

The next few days are a time in this world when some religions celebrate some of their most important holidays. I recently took some pictures of the Mission San Luis Rey in the expectation that Catholic followers might appreciate them as Easter approaches. I was there last Sunday where Church Services are still held, so people can go there to worship and pray. At this time of year, people of other faiths gather at other places to pray too.

As many of you have already discovered in life, prayers may be answered, but not answered in the way you would like. It's actually a growth opportunity to come to terms with matters that warrant the sincere prayers in the first place. It is a measure of personal acceptance to understand why the answer to your prayer is other than what you desire.

It isn't my intention to interpret or judge any particular religious or absence of religious stance. That is for each person alone to figure out for themselves. Any religious texts that exist, regardless of their age or origin, are guides to that determination. But, they aren't the only resources available. As far as I can understand, no person in the history of the world has ever completely arrived at total bliss to the extent needed to be able to inform others how to arrive at that same destination.

Nonetheless, some humans have come closer to others in that regard. Some we know about, some we don't. I believe their have been millions of people who came close throughout all of the span of human life on this planet, not just so very few. A large percentage of them were or are doing the work of God without notoriety. They are just as valued in my mind as those who did gain global recognition.

The writings of the prominent ones were all written by others after the prominent departed the world. In some cases a hundred or more years afterwards. The prominent themselves did not write themselves, their oral stores were passed along for someone else much later, without first-hand knowledge who wrote them down.

In my religion, there aren't specific days to celebrate. Every day, from my religious point of view, is important to the same degree.

This message isn't a kind of sermon, it is not in my realm to preach. I don't pretend to have a better understanding of God than any one else and vice versa. I am lucky that I have a life at all, that's my recognition of a miracle. Out of all the chromosome activity between my father and mother, I was the result. All the other chromosomes lost out on life in that mix. Each human born into this world had more-or-less the same circumstances to overcome at Conception as I did.

I do believe God has a plan for all of us and I don't know what that plan is, nobody does. That plan is too profound for humans to assimilate. Here is the most important aspect of religion I came to accept:

It is indistinguishable what earthly religion we practice, God is more than what we know. The important concept to appreciate is that when God calls you, you do not let that calling go unheeded.

I know, your mileage varies and that is alright with me too. I'm just one human being with my own perspective. You're in that same position too; so is everyone! :-)

May whatever way you believe, I hope it brings you peace.


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