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April 10, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

I'm Not The Same Man

Today's song is Am I The Same Girl? by Swing Out Sister, released in 1992.

Yeah, I'm not the same guy this year as last. Those that haven't seen me in a long time will notice I am changed from what they remember the last time they saw me. Each year at this stage of life brings on new perspectives in shorter cycles than the old days. It's better this way.

A number of my women friends change too. I bet women I haven't seen in years are different the next time I see them. Imagine running into some I haven't see in decades, some of them might be the same girl?

I like the changes people go through as they age. Too bad we can't pass these new insights to the young generation, but they don't listen. I didn't when I was their age. Some of them will be the same way they are now when they are older.


I published a new story, The Never Read Letter.

I added two new maps:


If you're using MacOS X 10.4, this is a cool Service for creating short URL's from long ones.

Did you know the Internet was born on April 7, 1969?

If you need an online genealogical database, here's one for you.

ZOHO online tools look very useful and they are free at this time. I'm happy to see anything free that takes the place of Microsoft products and works well.


I complete today's message with the following Digital Insight.

Intense Reflections (Created in November 2000)

This image signifies the ability of the human mind to recast memories in ways that are not indicative of the way things actually happened at the time. What event or events that might have been considered "real" by you at one time, may one day be revealed as the "truth" to what actually happened as you gain insight and wisdom in life. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"We can never completely and accurately recall past events as they occurred in reality at that time. All recollections are colored to some degree by our mind.

On the other hand, the general theme of events as they transpired can stay clear for decades, waiting for reemergence."


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