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April 9, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

8th Anniversary for Time Out Of Mind

The above image, Pillars Of The Kraken is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's video link is A Place For My Stuff by George Carlin, released in 1981.

Thursday was the eighth anniversary of this website. In another few months it will likely reach the 5 million page view mark as a testament to its global popularity. I wrote a little about this site's birth about three years ago. The very first home page is shown below. Things have eveolved a bit since then, eh? ;-)

It was about this time fifteen years ago when I first put some web content on the Internet. Not long after that my first software partnership, EveryDay Objects, Inc. created our Internet Protocol Library (IPL), forerunner of today's vastly more powerful Newbound Software Library. Using the IPL we created one of the first dynamic web servers in 1995, demoing that capability at the 1996 MacWorld San Francisco show. The IPL was later licensed for sale as Net Servers (shown below), by the former Pictorius software firm back in 1997.

Some might think that my website should be a lot more sophisticated in design like many corporate websites. I purposely don't want this website to infer a corporate identity. This is my private website and contains no advertisements other than my occasionally referenced links to other artists, authors, and entrepreneurs. This website is my contribution to the world at-large as part of my Pay It Forward perspective of how the Internet should work at a personal level.

I remain involved in volunteer activities, primarily in my project management group here in San Diego. I'm active on Facebook almost every day. I use LinkedIn to maintain my professional contacts. The point being in this paragraph, the Internet is a place to give and receive. It is not a one-way transaction at all. Utilize both directions and your opportunities increase dramatically.

I'm proud to have been a small part of the Internet with this particular website for the last eight years. I thank all my global visitors for stopping by as they see fit. Now onward into the ninth year!


On Tuesday I saw the new movie, Clash Of The Titans. I used a portion of my recent birthday gift card to pay for it.


I watched the Quicktime video of the iPhone OS 4.0 Announcement.

My partner and I in Newbound, Inc. with our software now operating on any system that supports Java, are working with another person to help us bring some of our products to the iPad/iPhone platform. We are also still working on the Android platform too.


For those of you that use the LinkedIn Network, these two links might be of use to you:


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