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April 8, 2007

The Passage of Five Years

The above image is the official first home page of this site

Today's song is A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You by The Monkees, released in 1967.

Five years ago today, this site went officially online. It was a small endeavor then, with a small amount of content. I intended only to put up some art, technology related commentary, and some stories. It was my newest site, one of many I had since early 1995. This is the culminating and continuing effort of the previous twelve years online.

Any person can start a web site. I always encourage a person to put a stake in the Internet space and lay claim to that space. More and more people do so every day. It's a lot easier nowadays to publish yourself. The thumbnail images for two of my previous sites are shown below.

How do you get noticed? How do people find you? Those are two questions that people usually want answers to when they publish. You may be surprised to know that I never concerned myself with those questions.

I decided early on that I would publish content for my own pleasure and if someone came along and looked at it, that was a plus. Then people came along and looked, the pluses started multiplying.

By the time this site came into being in 2002, I had a pretty good following of readers, maybe about 50 total. I was picked up by most of the search engines right away. In the first year I had about 100,000 page views. I was surprised I had that many!

I had a purpose for this site and it has evolved along the way. I decided to open my life up somewhat and share what I think and feel about some important issues. There is a lot of content here, usually somebody stopping by finds something of interest and takes a look. The next thing they know is that a few hours have gone by!

Maybe growth happens best when it is not initially planned that way? I never thought I would see this site acquire visitors from nearly every country on the planet. I didn't know I could display 70,000 page views with over 750,000 hits a month. Over 37 million hits accumulated in five years! Who would ever think that of their own personal site? I didn't.

Now the site is almost at 2 million page views in just over five years, starting at zero back then. I can't explain it. I seem to provide what people want, I guess?

My advice is to publish for your own sake and let it ride. Don't worry about how many people stop by to check it out. Do it for yourself, and if people come by, then do something for them.

Don't be selfish with what you feel and think. Suggest from your own life experiences because you would have liked to have known some things in life before you got into certain situations. You didn't go through those situations alone, so share what you learned from them with others.

I've learned a great deal from others who read what's here and emailed or spoke to me in-person about their own life experiences in return. Sharing is what life is all about. I discovered to arrive at a new realization myself through someone else's insight is pretty cool! To help someone else understand something and to see their realization on the their face in that moment, is even more cool!

Time Out Of Mind continues along the path of life's journey. Thanks for making it popular. I've met some of you on this path. Some of you I have still yet to meet. I look forward to that time.


I published a new short story, Good For Each Other. All my short stories are published on some other sites on the Internet. They are starting to gain exposure there too.


I started a new page, Don Larson's Trip Maps. This will be a place I create maps of places I've been to over the years.


I was a Boy Scout from 1961 to 1965. I learned a lot of useful skills during those four years. I was an Assistant Patrol Leader and reached the rank of First Class Scout.


Wow! The new Mac's are powerful! They will make running Windows under virtualization a snap without sacrificing the better Mac computing experience.

When you upgrade to a newer Mac computer, you might need to depart with an older Mac that has outlived it's usefulness. To be safe, here are some tips.


Looking for royalty-free motion video?


I am a Centrist. I found this article about Republican Centrists working with Democratic Centrists in Congress. Below are a couple quotes from that article:

"Now, with those losses still fresh in their minds, Republican moderates remaining in the House are vowing to pursue their centrist positions more assertively, even if it means endorsing Democratic initiatives."

" 'Democrats basically grabbed the center and ran with it politically,' Mr. Shays said, adding that he would continue working with the Democrats provided they did not veer from the political center."


Good news for Americans looking for work. Now if Congress keeps that cap and implements the new proposal it will get even better for Americans to find work and be paid well for that work.


I finish today's message with the following Digital Insight.

Soul Mate Zone (Created in September 2003)

Janie Grant inspired this image after one of our conversations by phone. I've never met, "Janie", in-person, but I've come to know her in other ways.

Part of the magic in life is finding your "soul mates" whoever they turn out to be. Never turn away a soul mate, lest you lose part of what makes you alive. This image is also available for sale. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"I believe that there are many soul mates for each person, not just one! For people that have found even one of their soul mates, life is very good. Life is not perfect though and even soul mate relationships take care and feeding to survive. If outside influences interfere, a relationship may wither and die. Soul mates will feel that loss for a long time.

This image celebrates soul mates of the past, present, and future. Soul mates are important to all of us. Respect yourself and them, and keep such people close to your heart always."


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