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April 8, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Answers of the Quest

Yesterday I saw the Academy Award-winning movie, Million Dollar Baby. I thought it was a great story about the human spirit and the power within each person to achieve their dreams.

Many of my dreams have come true, but not all. My batting average is pretty good though.

To the degree that this web site is a success, is one dream of mine that is real. Years ago I wanted to express what was within, trying to find a way out. Now I possess the recipe. I expect to reach one million page-views by this Summer on this site. The readers of this site keep me motivated with their comments, they drive me onward towards that goal.

Time Out Of Mind has its own unique taste. Some people drop by here only once, window-shopping, but not finding what they really are looking for at the time. I hope those folks soon find their satisfaction along their path. Definitely there is a large and growning constituency that was once attracted to some flavor of life here for one reason or another, and have visited here continually ever since. All are appreciated by me.

I am at the doorstep of another stage of life's perspective. Definite changes are coming soon and I welcome their arrival. In this past year, I learned how to speak to various groups of people on many different levels. That critical skill evolved through my docent activities at Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park and my deep involvement in Twin Oaks Toastmasters. I am leveraging my opportunities in new ways based on those experiences:

My wife and daughter are helping me test-market articles for my "Digital Passages Online Store". We created some white tote-bags in petite (shown below) and larger sizes that have some of my art images imprinted on them. Responses from people that receive them as promotional gifts are very positive. This weekend I start a revamp for the Digital Passages site and store.

I recently signed a one-year contract to create new content and otherwise support the Leo Carrillo Ranch web site for the city of Carlsbad. That's one more place I have to express outwardly that which is within me. Serving as a volunteer is a constant-craving for me. I am enriched by each and every experience.

I feel wonderful each time I speak to someone, observing that sparkle appear in their eyes when we reach third-gear in the discussion at hand. I can always tell by the eyes of another what level of interest they are imparting or receiving from the discourse. Sometimes I enter into a discussion that leads to brand new insights or special connections originate between us.

In a few weeks I go on a trip alone. This trip is primarily a research venture for my opportunities using the lessons spoken about above. My psychic sensing is very strong this season and I seek out the answers of that quest. I know some life-changing encounter awaits me soon. Somebody out there is on an intersecting course with my life-stream. I look forward to that meeting...


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