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April 5, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Easter Earthquake 2010

The above image, Spinning Tea Cups is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Cast Your Fate To The Wind by Sounds Orchestral, released in 1964.

On Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were startled by the effects of a 7.2 earthquake in Baja, Mexico. It shook our house mildly and no damage occurred.

I've felt several earthquakes in my 14 years of living here in San Diego. This one started out with only slightly detectable vibrations then getting stronger throughout the 35-40 second duration. Many aftershocks were felt afterwards with much less noticeability.

Immediately the Facebook messages started appearing for my friends around the San Diego and Los Angeles regions. The CNN network had twitter reports coming in from all over southern California and even from Phoenix, Arizona.

In researching the main quake and the aftershocks, it appears to me the fault is reacting northward from the first incident Sunday. We will be be alert to the subsequent activity over the next few days.

The Earth shakes its crust somewhere every day. This time it was closer to home for we southern Californians.


The iPad arrives. I listened to my first PadCast about it on Sunday.


I'm volunteering as a Instructor Assistant for the upcoming CAPM-PMP Exam Workshop Spring 2010 later this month.


My friend, Giana, wrote on her blog concerning, How to use your emotions to negotiate successful agreements - Part 1.


Another illegal employment activity that needs to be stopped.


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