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April 5, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

A Woman, Asleep

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Today's song is Wildflower by Skylark, released in 1972.

On some nights I look over at my wife, Sherry, sleeping in our king-size bed. She lays there so relaxed and remains as beautiful in my eyes as she did when I married her in 1973. Without knowing for sure, I anticipate many men look over at their female partners just like I do at night and wonder what she dreams. The featured song today seems so fitting to me when I gaze at Sherry, asleep.

Music and in particular some songs just seem to link people together in ways that words alone do not. Next time you watch your partner sleep beside you, think of that song that is special between you and then drift off to dreams yourself.


My recent birthday weekend provided me the opportunity to reconnect to my family and friends. I responded to all who contacted me in one way or another. I enjoyed the phone calls with my daughter, her husband, and later my sister. I thank all who sent me birthday wishes and commented about the pictures of me and also my mother.

On Sunday afternoon, I had an hour-and-a-half call with one of my best friends, Angel Rodriguez. We've known each other about 42 years. We talked about so many things as I sat in my car. We laughed at how crazy we were in high school together and how crazy we still are in some ways. While speaking with him, it was just as if he was in the car with me instead of being back in the Chicago area where he lives.

Sunday night, I called my friend, Fred Gellman, and we spoke for a long time too. I count Fred as one of the longest-term friendships I have, almost 48 years! I haven't seen him in-person since August 1968, but we are just as close as we ever were. As with Angel, Fred and I can talk about anything and that's cool.


My cousin started, Don Cook Productions to promote the bands he represents. He recently reminded me about the Beatles song, I Want To Hold Your Hand that I purchased when it was released. Don, his brother, Rick, and I played that song over and over in my room back in 1964. He says that episode started him being into Beatles music. I was in eighth grade at the time and liked a girl named, Christy. I wanted to hold her hand so I figured that song would inspire me to reach that romantic goal. It did.


There is a lot of new activity about to take place in Sherry's and my life. The time is fast approaching in the coming months when we become official grandparents. I think back, remembering how I watched Sherry sleep when she was pregnant with our daughter 30 years ago. Her peaceful expression hasn't changed over all the years and many of our dreams came true in the meantime.


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