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April 4, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

A Revealing Talk With Shelly

Today's song is Nights In White Satin by the The Moody Blues, released in 1967.

I recently spent a few hours talking with Shelly, a friend of mine I met online last year when she wrote me about something on this site. We met at the local Starbucks (shown above) and covered a variety of subjects. This was the second meeting we've had in many months and it was illuminating for both of us.

At one point we talked about my short stories. I mentioned that some of the points of the stories offer paradoxes that weren't apparent when I wrote them. Then I realized there are some paradoxes in some of my digital art as well. Take the two images shown above for example, they were created six months apart back in 2005.

First Light Shadow represents a situation when someone just begins to "see the light" as a matter of need. Silhouette Disclosure represents a situation when someone doesn't want to see anything, they feel they don't need anything, they just want to be left alone.

Those situations are very different and they are far apart in meaning. Yet, the transition between the two situations is very subtle, so small, it is very hard to measure. In fact it creates a paradox.

Talking with Shelly is always eye opening. She's a fairly open person and maybe that's what makes her an interesting woman to talk with in-person.


I found this article that claims to reveal the secrets of how the Great Pyramid was built. Maybe the author also knows where Jimmy Hoffa is? ;-)


I published a new short story this week, A Soul Mate Reunion.


In case you're interested in PC World's top technologies of the last 50 years.

Here's an article expressing a view I've held for more than ten years.


I close today's message with the following Digital Insight.

Enigma (Created in October 2003)

People wonder about the origins and meaning of the Easter Island statues. I think those stones are waiting for the Cubs to win the big one. I was watching the Chicago Cubs during the 2003 NLCS and hoping they would win and move on to the World Series.

The Cubs are an enigma. They have a beautiful ballpark at Wrigley Field, almost everyone wanted them to reach the World Series. However once again, fate postponed their opportunity.

Some fans wait like the monuments of Easter Island. This image is also available as a Desktop. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"On a theoretical, if not practical level, is an impossible task to know all the truth, all the time, about anything in particular. There may be some evidence or clues that persuade you to arrive at one conclusion only to discover an oversight or omission later. Those are the building blocks of an enigma.

Enigma's defy explanations. They come to be differentiated by the varied attempts, often contradictory attempts, to explain their very presence."


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