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April 1, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

No April Fool

As of today in some regard, I am considered to be a Senior Citizen by reaching the wonderful age of 55. Some people don't like growing older. Some don't like to reveal their age. Not me, I am what I am and I make the best of it.

I have received some birthday cards already, more will arrive soon. Tonight we gather for dinner to celebrate the annual passage of time for me.

I am loved by my wife, daughter, family, extended family and many friends. Those are the gifts of life that are treasured the most by me.

This 2005 year is starting out very nicely and the social experiences I am having are very enriching and rewarding. My volunteer efforts in the community continue to contribute to the summary value-add all volunteers bring to their respective projects.

I recently signed a one-year contract to provide web design and support for the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park in Carlsbad. That is a wonderful opportunity aside from the many volunteer functions I've helped that city and affiliated organizations with over the last nine years in one way or another living here in San Diego.

This site is definitely my alter-ego at its best. It's a mechanism that brings you to part of me and vice versa.

I have some ideas about new content that probably will be added here by Summer. My planned book and its publication still whirls around in my mind. I still want to be a Storyteller using my art, music, and life experiences. Sometimes the current life experience pull me from those intentions and I discover something more important to consider on that interrupted path.

I remember that two people I knew well passed-away on previous birthdays: Sherry's maternal grandfather in 1986, and my friend, Robbie Artus, in 1995. My birthdays are always reminders for me of the sad closures of those circles of life.

Life gets better as I age through my own circle. Let the birthdays flow for whatever are the number of my remaining years. When I cross over, I know I've done what I could to reconcile my life and any negative impacts I had with others. I didn't let time itself rinse away my responsibilities for omissions I made in the past. I remember most of the important parts of my life. I learned from it all.

I look back over 50+ years, happy I had so many various experiences. I wish my Dad was still alive so he could see who I became during the last 50 years. Maybe he does in a spiritual way, I'll know that answer at some point when we meet again.


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