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Wild Animal Park Tram Ride -- 05/17/02

Another beautiful day in San Diego! While waiting for the Tram I met four people comprising two groups. This was their first trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Two women were visiting from San Jose and Freemont, California. The other married couple was from south of Corpus Christi, Texas. They asked me lots of questions about the park and San Diego in general. We had a great time exchanging stories while waiting before the departure as well as along the hour-long route.

A Small Peaceful Waterfall

The Tram Fills Up Quickly

East Africa

Lunchtime For Rhinos

Zebras At Play

East Africa Opposite Side


West Africa

My Favorite Animals, The Przewalski Horses

Planet Of The Apes

Bird Pond

Visitors Abound

Pictures from April's day trip are here.

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