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Sherry's April 2002 Trip To Chicago -- 04/17/02

Early in the month, Sherry flew to Chicago, IL, to visit family and friends. She has kindly permitted me to publish a few pictures on my site. :-)

Here is the Angel and Linda Rodriguez couple with their daughter, April. Angel is one of my best friends. We met on the first day of high school in September 1964 and became instant friends, remaining so since then. The Larson and Rodriguez families have remained close all through the years and distance between us. Someday, we hope to have them out to California to visit us. They have never been to California...

Angel and Linda married in 1972 and they lived next door to Sherry's family. Linda and Sherry became best friends back in early 1972. That's how I met Sherry in June 1972; but that's another story at some point in time...

Next is the two of them together.

Next is Sherry and her Mom.

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