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Ron and Tina Reints Visit June 2002, Part 1 -- 06/16/02

The parents of our daughter's husband, Mike, came to visit us. Ron was last in California as a small child. Tina was never in California before. I think they had a great time here. The pictures can tell the story better than I can this time around. Just look at their faces as they appear.

We took them to Carlsbad Beach, Carlsbad Village, Old Town, La Jolla, and the San Diego Zoo. Last but not least, they witnessed the recent solar eclipse from the Oceanside Pier. I gave them a set of 133 pictures on CD so they can reminince in the time to come.

Below in Part 1 are just a few of the many pictures taken in Carlsbad and Old Town California. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here.

Ron on Cliff Near Carlsbad Beach

Dinner at Harbor Fish in Carlsbad Village

Old Town San Diego Store

Ron and Tina Shopping Inside

Ron and Don with Hair


Artwork of Historic San Diego Bay

Listening to Wind Chimes

Ron and Tina Reints Visit June 2002 Part 2

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