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Pictures from Old DWL Site -- 04/18/02

One of my early experiments in discussion groups resulted in a number of learning opportunities. It also provided an opportunity to get in touch with some of my remote relatives. That was cool!

Below are several of the pictures from that site. Many were contributed by other members of my extended family.

My father, Russell John Larson 1910-1955

My father, in 1935 with my mother before they were married

My mother, Frances, 1916-2000

My maternal great-grandfather, Benjamin Depue Honeyman 1864-1941

My maternal great-grandmother, Sarah Geimer Honeyman 1868-1949

My maternal grandmother, Edna Wilson 1888-1969

My maternal grandfather, Walter Wilson, Sr's. 1884-1949, milk-wagon

My paternal grandfather, Ranold Larson

My paternal grandmother, Christina Larson

My Dad, brothers Charles and Russell around 1949

1954 Christmas Party in our mobile home

My late brother, Charlie 1943-1984 and my daughter, Jenny in 1983

1950's style aluminum cups

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