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Oak Creek and Sedona Arizona August 2006 Pictures -- 08/20/06

In late August 2006, I took a second trip to Cottonwood, Arizona to visit my good friend and mentor, Gene Weed. One day we took a drive through Oak Creek and Sedona for a relaxing tour. We stopped at times to take in the views, sip some drinks and enjoy the various conversations along the way.

Gene took me by where he teaches at the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmaking as part of the Sedona Center for Arts & Technology.

Below are some of the picures I took that day.

Oak Creek Natural Wonders

The above image also available as a Desktop

The above image also available as a Desktop in two sizes: [1; 2]

Sedona Vista from Starbucks

John Wayne's Sedona Connection

Sedona Center for Arts & Technology

The above image also available as a Desktop

The Center's Apple G5 Digital Lab

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