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1996 MacWorld San Francisco Booth Pictures -- 10/15/02

My former partnership, EveryDay Objects, Inc. (EDO), was a featured guest of the Pictorius, Inc. booth at the 1996 MacWorld San Francisco event. We had a wonderful and fun-filled week showing off our Prograph-based Internet Protocol Library Development Kit to thousands of people who came by the booth.

Our best moment was when Apple VP, Guy Kawasaki, came by for a special demo of our products and those of other Pictorius developers, such as Pete Yared. In fact, in one of the pictures below, Pete is stepping through the demo with Guy at the keyboard and mouse.

EDO was a great time in my life and helped me achieve some of the dreams I had along the way.

EDO's CEO Marc Raiser (dark shirt) and CTO Don Arbow

Pete Yared Demos To A Smiling Guy Kawasaki

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