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Reliable Auto Repair Service -- 05/03/02

Express Tire in San Marcos, CA

I used to work on my own vehicles, I did tune-ups, replaced shock-absorbers, brakes, water pumps, adjusted valves, etc. I knew how to do this stuff because I had two years of auto shop in high school and because one of my best friends, Angel Rodriguez taught me well.

In 1974, I purchased an entire set of Craftsman tools, including both English and Metric sizes along with many automotive gauges, timing light and an engine analyzer. Those were the good old days when cars were more mechanical than computerized. ;-)

I still have the hand tools and a modern timing light, but for the most part I gave up working on my vehicles in 1986. It's easier to let someone else do the work nowadays and spend that time in more profitable or relaxing ways. The trick is finding competent and fair service providers to do the work.

I have two places that will provide excellent service for my 1997 Ford Escort. My regular Ford dealer and now, Express Tire, in San Marcos, CA. I also have Sherry's 1992 Voyager serviced at the latter.

The team is great and I really like the people working there. Sometimes I think I would like to jump in and help them, but I know my place. Although it would be nice to do something tangible again. ;-)

So, if you're in the North County San Diego area and need some auto service, go see them.

Express Tire
1223 W. San Marcos Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 471-1733

Tell them the guy who always drop's off the car and then see's a movie across the street sent you. That would be me. :-)


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