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August 1982 Apple 6502 Assembly SIG -- 10/15/02

I recently found some pictures from one of my early Illinois computer group activities from August 1982. At the time I had a little more than two years experience with computer technology so I was eager to learn assembly language for the Apple II+ 6502 chip set.

At the regular Apple group meeting months before, I asked if anyone would be interested in starting such a group up and the people below in the pictures made it happen.

It was this specific activity that led me to my first employment position in my computer technology career. One of the members, Ron Metzker, was the Office Manager at Omega MicroWare, Inc., and hired me a few days after these pictures were taken. I started at Omega as a Customer Support Manager on August 16, 1982.

At Start Of Meeting

A Small Monitor Display

Ron Metzker At Keyboard of Apple II+ Leads The Troops

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