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Home Equipment -- 05/03/10

At home I connect to you and the Internet via an Apple Airport Extreme.

That wireless device securely connects my Apple 24-inch 2.4Ghz iMac with 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard disk, my Apple Power Mac G4 desktop, two Apple PowerBook G4's via AirPort cards, three iTouch's each with 16GB of storage, and one iTouch with 32GB of storage.

I backup all my data to various Firewire and USB drives. On my iMac, I connect to a 500GB Firewire drive using Time Machine.

I use iLife, iWork, Final Cut Express, Quicktime Pro, Bryce 6, Oxidizer, apophysis-j, and Photoshop Elements 6 for most of my digital creations.

I use Microsoft Project Professional 2007 in my project management work.

I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows XP applications side-by-side with my Mac OS.

I use UserLand's Radio with the Static Sites Tool to generate all the web pages for all my sites I manage.

I use ColdFusion and SQL Server, to manage the backend of my main web site, Time Out Of Mind.

I use Office X for Mac for my usual office software needs.

There are two printers available, one of them wireless, one of them for large format color prints.


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