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Heart Of Digital Passages iTunes Music Album -- 11/20/09

Update October 8, 2010: Safari users, If you have porblems listening to any of these tracks, use Firefox or Chrome browsers instead because they work.

Update November 20, 2009: I will not be renewing my Heart Of Digital Passages Album on iTunes. As of today, my album's copyrighted music is available here, enjoy. I submitted my music to iTunes via TunesCore as mentioned in my March 16, 2007 home page.

  1. Contemplation
  2. Deer Woman Moon Encounter
  3. Gazes Into The Heart
  4. In-between Loves
  5. Loss Of Innocence
  6. Love Beyond Reach
  7. Reiki's Influence Music
  8. Resonance For Two
  9. Sherry's Kiss
  10. Still In Love With You
  11. Towards Eastern Home
  12. Waterfall Dreams
  13. Western Skies
  14. When Soulmates Embrace
  15. While Julia Sleeps


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