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GarageBand Riffs -- 11/20/09

Update October 8, 2010: Safari users, If you have porblems listening to any of these tracks, use Firefox or Chrome browsers instead because they work.

Heart of Digital Passages Music CD

Some of the deepest emotions I experienced in life are the most mysterious to me and hardest to reconcile. These instrumentals are inspired by those moments. The full audio quality are available on the Heart Of Digital Passages iTunes Music Album page.

There is a Deer Woman Moon Encounter Quicktime Music Video Snippet available on my QuickTime Videos page. This is a short snippet of the audio track. [Note: Please ignore the scrolling message at the bottom of the video.]

There is a Still in Love with You Quicktime Music Video available on my QuickTime Videos page. This is a short snippet of the audio track. [Note: Please ignore the scrolling message at the bottom of the video.]

There is a Waterfall Dreams Quicktime Music Video available on my QuickTime Videos page.

Here are the full-length versions of my copyrighted musical tunes created with Apple's GarageBand or Soundtrack applications.

My friend, "Gene Weed", describes my music as, New Wave Smooth Jazz Intro.

There are four ways to play these tunes:

1) If you have Apple's iTunes application installed, you can download the tunes from this page and using the File Menu item, "Add to Library..."

2) Alternatively, you'll need the latest version of QuickTime including Apple's QuickTime Player for your computer platform to listen to this. Right-click on the tune's link to download to disk.

3) Or, if you have an MP3 player, simply download to your player. If the file is not already in ".mp3" format, you may need to convert it using one of the applications mentioned above.

4) Play them within your browser if it is music capable.

I created the song, Congruent Winds to accompany one of my digital art images, Twin Winds.

I created the song, Beso del Corazón to signify my intentions when I kiss.

I created the song, Heartbroken to accompany my digital image of the same concept.

The Heartbroken Quicktime Music Video is availabe on the QuickTime Videos page.

I created the song, Nocturnal Inquisitor (mp3) to accompany both my short story, Nocturnal Inquisitor and iMac Desktop.

I created the song, Other Side Of Wonder to accompany my digital image, Other Side Of Wonder.

I created the song, Fiddledeedee Delegates to express my feelings towards some of the political delegate issues for the 2008 election.

Gene Weed did the final audio mixing for me. Thanks Gene!

There is a Fiddledeedee Delegates Quicktime Music Video in full-length available on my QuickTime Videos page.

I created the song, Icebreaker Blues, to celebrate my final meeting as a member of the Twin Oaks Toastmasters club after five years of membership. There is also a digital image of the same name. The Icebreaker Blues Lyrics (PDF) includes that digital image.

There are two versions with lyrics:

I created the song, Arizona Dreamin' to celebrate my friendship with Gene Weed who has been my mentor on audio and video work for a few years now. This music is also used on the Arizona Dreamin' Quicktime Music Video available on the QuickTime Videos page.

Gene added some instruments to my base tracks and did the final audio mixing for me, making it sound very nice. Thanks Gene!

I created the song, On Her Mind inspired by a friend of mine.

I created the song, Prelude To The Origin to honor the love between my father and mother.

I created the song, Just To Kiss You Once to symbolize the attraction felt by one person to another.

I created the song, From A Heart Not Healed to accompany my new section, [link since deleted].

I created the song, Love For Janie Grant to celebrate the September 2005 birthday of my very close friend, Janie Grant.

One Love At A Time CD Tracks

These instrumentals are one of the ways I recollect some of the experiences I felt or still feel about the topic of love and relationships. I dedicated the song, 'Still In Love With You' to my wife on our 32nd Anniversary in April 2005.

New Wave Smooth Jazz Intro

All The Way



Feeling In The Moonlight

"Loss Of Innocence"

March Memories

Sense of Temptation

Skin To Skin

"Still In Love With You"

Most of these music files below are registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office, Certificate of Registration PA 1-224-310 on February 26, 2004.

If you wish to license them then you need to contact me and pay a fee. You may not use these in commercial works without a written license from me. If you use them for non-profit podcasts, please give me credit as the artist and producer using Time Out Of Mind's home page as a link.

The full length versions of these copyrighted tunes below are in mp3 format, encoded at 32kbit/s at 32kHz in stereo. If you want the original full quality music, it is now available on CD by contacting me directly.

Spirit Of The Pathfinder CD Tracks

This a revealing list of songs I created for special moments in my life.

New Wave Smooth Jazz Intro

Amo Tu

And Another One's Eyes

Atlantis's Secrets

Don's Theme

"In-Between Loves"

Inexorable Sorrow

Jenny's Smile

Monty's Theme

Realm Of The Angels

Secrets With You

Spirit of the Pathfinder

"Sherry's Kiss"

Thoughts of April

Touch Of An Aries

"Waterfall Dreams"

"Western Skies"

What'd She Say?

"When Soulmates Embrace"

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