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Wedding Vows -- 01/19/03

I attended the wedding of our friends, Dale and Shawna, on Saturday January 18, 2003. It was one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have witnessed during my lifetime. I'll try to explain.

Both sets of parents were asked for their support and love for the new marriage. It is important to fully support the joining of their families through the marriage of the respective son and daughter. There was no hesitation in acceptance of the new relationship.

The minister spoke eloquently about the stories and letters exchanged with Dale and Shawna over the last two years as they developed their relationship; in particular, during the last year as they prepared for the wedding. He indicated that neither Dale nor Shawna knew this day would come just a short two years ago. The faith that Dale and Shawna each felt as their relationship progressed was expressed at the wedding service for all to hear and understand. Their belief in God is tightly woven in the bond they sanctified with their vows.

The minster delivered his commentary and obligatory statements in a very personable style. He was speaking not only to Dale and Shawna, but to all in attendance. He directed his words to each of us as we were the witnesses to the joining of Dale and Shawna's families through the marriage commitments and vows they took.

Dale, and then Shawna each made strong verbal commitments and professions of love to each other during the ceremony. Anyone could see the strength of their love and faith when they spoke. I think many people who are planning to be married or are already married could learn a lot from what they said.

It is good to see young people starting a marriage with a mature feeling of love and respect for one another. I was deeply moved by the collective experience of the words mentioned by the minister, by Dale, and by Shawna. At times the feelings within me welled up in my eyes as I was reminded of the love I share with my wife, Sherry. My feelings extended to the marriage of my daughter and her husband too. It was good to feel those emotions and think about everything that was said up there on the alter.

Marriage and life-commitments should not be taken lightly. A marriage is a partnership and takes work and care to maintain properly. Trust and faith for and within each other is paramount to fulfilling the sacred vows of marriage. The rewards are great for people that keep those concepts secure, reliable, and renewable throughout their married lives.

Thanks, Dale and Shawna, for allowing me to be a part of your special day. Best wishes on the rest of your lives.


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