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Credits and Permissions -- 09/29/10

Welcome, my name is Don, the Editor and Publisher for content on this web space and domain name using my Home Equipment to prepare this information for you. The site's name is inspired by this song from Steely Dan. Ironically, that song was released in 1980, the year I started using computer technology.

Many people make this site possible and look the way it does. I am very happy that the following people and organizations allow me to use their images to help promote this site. Thanks to everyone.

My friend, Rick White who operates Digital Sweatshop Inc. (DSI) previously hosted this site from its inception to November 6, 2008. Now it operates on another web provider's server. As before, I have the full power and capability to run ColdFusion Server applications along with Microsoft SQL Server.

In addition to the above technologies, I use the Website Framework as one of the key pieces. Using a scripting language to control the publishing process is essential for large web sites.

Decremented: The USA image in the upper left of the home page is © copyright by Robert Vasquez, and used with his permission. His great site is here.

Pocket watch housing image reproduced by kind permission of Pieces of Time

I'm using the Reflex Javascript for my header region.

Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., is using one of my historic Yuma prison pictures in their Weird Hauntings book with my written permission.

They are also using another of my photos in their Weird Arizona book with my written permission.

Decremented: The Tiger bar graphic (shown below) is copyright Francisco O. Bennett and U'nek Design Studios and was previously used on my home page per their license agreement.

I gratefully thank Ronnie Allen, Janie Grant, Gerry Granahan, and the management of WBCB 1490 AM, Bucks County, PA for granting me permission to play the published radio segments referenced on the A Year of Circles and Triangles page.

I'm using Milonic DHTML Menu to generate the Javascript DHTML menus. Thanks for the code!

My friend, Gene Weed, describes my music as, New Wave Smooth Jazz Intro. He also provided some graphics for my QuickTime video's (still image shown below). Thanks, Gene!

Gene has published two books using two of my art images on their covers (shown below) with my permission:

Chuck Shepherd licensed my digital art image, Many Moons Ago for his three web sites:

Issues Magazine is using some of my Museum of Science and Industry pictures with my written permission.

"Mac People" is published by ASCII Corporation and has my written permission to include two of my Quartz Composer ScreenSavers: "Infinite Smiles"; and "Nano Proliferation" in their releases.

The WebMoneyExpress website is using two of my photo's with my written permission.

The Modesto, California Fire Department is using my Twin Flames image on their 2005 Annual Report with my written permission.

Four of my Del Mar Racetrack pictures are being used in the California 2008-09 Fair and Expositions Expenditure Plan (PDF). I was contacted months ago by Bruce Lim, Assistant Director, CA Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Fairs and Expositions for permission to use my photos. I happily agreed to his request without charge.

My good friend, Jeff Rutan, is building a new 3D modeling user group web site. He provided my profile here. Thanks, Jeff!

Manuel Robaina is using my art image, Neither Time Nor Distance, with my written permission on his marathon blog [English translation].

Byran Clark is using my Green Waves image on his web site with my written permission.

Dennis Hayes is using my Twin Flames image on his Blackdog Blue band's two CD covers (shown below) with my written permission.

Jose Neto is using my Twin Flames image on a flyer with my written permission.

Annicea from The Netherlands, is using my For Love Or Money? image for her personal bankcard with my written permission.

NavSource is using one of my pictures of the USNS Sacagawea with my written permission.

Jake, from a ministry in Richland, WA, asked to incorporate my Heart's On Fire digital image in a logo with for a women's retreat during the Fall of 2006. I gladly gave my written permission for that purpose.

Geology Professor Janice L. Smith from Austin Community College, is using my pictures of Ponto Beach in her classrom work with my written permission.

Minister Richard Marchessault from the parish of St. Augustine's in Covington, GA is using my background with an image of the Pope in a PowerPoint presentation with my permission.

Vernon DeFlanders, from The Body Language Info Site mentions my site on this page. Vernon's site refers to, "Information and Tips on Bodylanguage and Gestures".

Rita Lewis is using my Sonoma Wormhole image with my written permission.

Brian Schwandt, of Cummins Filtration, is using my Indecision image in a powerpoint presentation prepared for the American Filtration Society Fall Conference 2008.

Mohammed S. Patel is using my Heart and Soul image on his my blog with my written permission.

The printed version of the August 2003 issue of Texas Monthly Magazine (shown below) contains a small version of my Mister Rogers Sunset image on page 75 in the upper-left corner. I was contacted in early July by the editor and granted them permission to publish it in their section, "Play Around in San Diego."

René Eisenmann is using my Moonlight Beach picture with permission on a website in Germany.

Pierre Doche, D.M.D., of Doche Family Dental, 314 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road, Suite 112, San Marcos, CA 92078, (760) 744-0804; displays some of my art in his office.

My friend, Rick is using one of the images, "Chip in a Jar", I created especially for him on his websites: Free Model Foundry and System Verification Blog.

Mary Jac is using my image, Neon Love with my written permission on her siites:

bebop url
Main website

She referenced my site in return.

I am using the header graphic, Blue Sky Night from Free HTML5 Templates under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


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