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Tomb of the Last Assassin

My first experience with assassination occurred in November 22, 1963 when President John Kennedy was killed that way. Like anyone alive who was old enough at the time, I remember exactly where I was when I first heard he had been shot, but not yet declared dead.

In less than two days from now, it will be forty years since that cold chill ran down my spine. My emotions about that event will never reach room temperature again.

Through the intervening years there have been more assassinations. Leaders taken long before their time. Innocent victims killed at the hands of those who know no other way to attempt to achieve their goals.

During this last week, Islamic terrorists have exploded several bombs in Turkey in an attempt to change the course of history in their favor. The terrorists can not succeed and surely they know that. The reason why is simple enough -- what goes around, comes around.

Someday I envision the last assassination and those responsible will pass into history. Another failed idea that took too long to disappear. This imaginary tomb should be in the most remote place on Earth and then left as a symbol of the emptiness of the heart that all assassins possessed.

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