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Silhouette Disclosure

Fear, that emotion that often makes people withdraw from the light. For those that have not yet extracted comfort from their own internal battles, the darkness of their lives offers illusional protection.

I once had my own unlit space and it was there for a long time. Then of my own volition, I walked out after first having crawled from the deepest recess of that place. There are no more dark places in my life now.

No one should be forced out of their fears. Some people survive because they can go to where the light doesn't penetrate even though the light is always there. They need to deny the light and we should respect that need within them.

Update: On July 10, 2010, this image is also part of the digital art images I'll be selling in the near future, see Don Larson's Digital Art Posters for those selections.

This image is also available as a Desktop.


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