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Zigged Instead Of Zagged

This image reflects on the many years since I graduated from high school. There are a few times I might have made different choices.

We all have choices every day. Some choices may last forever. Sometimes we want those choices to last forever. Sometimes we think we might have chosen differently, except we lacked wisdom, or patience, or maturity. Nonetheless, we don't control our destiny 100% and life is meant to have many surprises.

We might wish we had chosen differently on some important matters, but how do we know today's reflections would have worked out in our favor back then? Life is so complex that we can't know the outcome of every decision in advance.

Still, when we drift to thoughts of other outcomes, other paths, other options, we wonder.

We can have faith in ourselves that no matter what faces us, we can persevere and turn negatives into positives.

I thank every person who touched me in my life. Especially my wife, daughter, and my best friends. They've "zigged along" with me every time, it seems.


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