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World View

Each person looks at the world uniquely. Some look and see what's missing; some look and see what's there.

I'm a person who looks deeply in the gray area between what is and what is absent. I ask lots of questions and pursue plenty of research on a variety of interests.

I take photographs to capture places I've been or moments that I deem needs preservation. I create a lot of digital art to express stories of my life or feelings that wash over me and rinse my emotions.

I still pursue technology, but never for its own sake. I remain convinced that people are more important than any technology. If I was a robot I might feel the opposite way, but I am alive.

My memories are intact; my feelings and emotions recalled as fresh as when they were first felt; love never faded, only properly and respectfully reserved.

Each day reminds me I am closer to the end than the beginning. Some tasks and efforts will not be finished in time, other accomplishments remain as testament.

Live each day to your fullest and be happy you had life's opportunities to experience the widest range of thoughts and emotions. Don't turn away from difficulties, but instead embrace them for their lessons they provide.

When you cry, cry deeply. When you laugh, laugh enthusiastically and with full measure. When you speak, speak the truth. When you think, think clearly. When you sleep, dream the dreams that may someday come true.


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