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Wheel Of Fate

I believe in circles, the starting of them and their completion. I created another image previously that is related to this one. Consider this image a specific instance of the former.

Some circles of life are so large in scope and scale that we will never live long enough to see the finish for the first revolution of them. Maybe if it's true that our souls return again to this physical realm, we may encounter the conclusion of something contemplated or experienced long before. I don't know if that really happens or not, no one does.

I am able to conceive at this stage of my life that the beginning marks of some circles are always getting further and further away from me as their arcs rotate along a large radius of time. I know I will never see those circles complete in my time left to live; no matter how long I live.

The lessons for all involved who would need to learn are too great, too complicated, too humbling to assimilate in one lifetime. We are imperfect beings. We make mistakes. We can forgive and try to move on in life.

For each of those complex events, a mark is placed on the Wheel Of Fate. The Wheel is then spun every time we make a life-changing decision. We watch as each mark recedes from view. We only remember making the marks. We cannot observe them as they progress about the circumference. We will never see or fully comprehend those milestones again with our eyes. We only consider deeply why that is so.


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