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Unknown Certainties

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties. - Francis Bacon -- Unconstrained Quotes

I know for each effort I make there is a certain outcome to behold. The complication is that I am sometimes unable to predict or envision that actual outcome. I might have a plan to execute, but it is more of an intention than a guarantee of success that my end goal will be reached as I wish it to be.

I believe the cause is not everything is known or understood in the proper context for every action. In fact, the context we use for our "frames of reference" might be faulty, leading to unforeseen consequences. We start out with what we think is a clear landmark in sight and at some point it vanishes from view, replaced with unfamiliar territory and no way back to that last step we just took.

This unanticipated perspective is by no means indicative that we are lost or that we have faltered along our anticipated course. Rather, it is the recognition that we have stumbled upon one of the rarest of human discoveries, the "unknown certainty" factor. Such experiences almost always lead to new understandings, knowledge, and wisdom.

The next time you find yourself there, look around for me. I'm probably nearby looking for a friend.

Update: On July 10, 2010, this image is also part of the digital art images I'll be selling in the near future, see Don Larson's Digital Art Posters for those selections.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as a Desktop Background. It was created from my Z Images Quartz Composer Screensaver.


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