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Tears That Do Not Fall

Everyone's had them, those moments when tears are forming in our eyes and we struggle with unrelenting energy to keep them above the border of our lower eyelids.

The cause for those situations is many and varied: hurt feelings; realization that you have been lied to or deceived by someone you trusted; physical pain; or sad recollections of increasing intensity. I could never list all the reasons. You know your life better than I ever could.

I think we hold back tears in that short span of time that seems to last forever because we want to appear strong or attempt to establish that we are not going to cry; although it probably would be the right thing to do. Anyone that looks at us in those cases knows we're hurting.

I've seen this condition in other people; sometimes I caused it to happen. I wish I could take those events back, but it is not possible. Expressing regret and apologizing is all I can do, the passage of time is no excuse regardless of the interval.

People around us are hurting, we know it, but we do not act. All I know is that, tears are meant to fall. Maybe when all tears fall, we'll understand and accept our humanity to a larger extent than we do now.


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