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Soul Mate Zone

I believe in soul mates, people that intuitively know one another to a very high degree of convergence on almost every matter of importance.

I believe that there are many soul mates for each person, not just one! For people that have found even one of their soul mates, life is very good. Life is not perfect though and even soul mate relationships take care and feeding to survive. If outside influences interfere, a relationship may wither and die. Soul mates will feel that loss for a long time.

This image celebrates soul mates of the past, present, and future. Soul mates are important to all of us. Respect yourself and them, keep such people close to your heart always.

Update: On July 10, 2010, this image is also part of the digital art images I'll be selling in the near future, see Don Larson's Digital Art Posters for those selections.

This image is also available as a Desktop.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as a Desktop Background. It was created from my Z Images Quartz Composer Screensaver.

Note: As of October 22, 2004, click to hear my GarageBand composition, mp3 tune, When Soulmates Embrace.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as an iPhone Background.


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