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Simple Paths

Pathfinders look for "steps" to the "truth" in life. We seek out the best path to reach the goal we seek.

Pathfinders often take extra time before initiating action. This period of deliberation may be perceived as a delay or slow to respond as observed by others. If this situation occurs during a discussion, an evolving pathfinder may appear to not know how to give answers to apparently simple questions.

Part of the secret to being a pathfinder at peace with yourself is to always be true to yourself before you are true to another. Time is your friend and never your opponent.

Learn to give answers that satisfy the impatient but provide you the time to keep on with your consideration until the time is right for you to understand. Do not be anxious and allow haste to be a component of the solution.

Look instead to the long view for the simple paths that almost always are present at some point in time. Then complete the journey.

I created a GarageBand tune, Spirit of the Pathfinder to celebrate the mood.


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