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Sacred Canyon Sentry

Only the honored Braves of the tribe are given the duty to guard the sacred pass. The selected sentry must stay awake, observant, and ready to defend with his life against all intruders. This tradition has been followed since before the time of his grandfather's grandfathers and each sentry feels the weight of their Spirits.

In two Noon's time he will be relieved by another Brave who is now resting and preparing for his vigilance. For an entire Moon his replacement remains untouched and not spoken to to enhance his concentration and preparedness for his upcoming duty.

As long as the tribe stays true to its heritage and beliefs it will remain safe. That is the promise made to them by Man Above who watches over all.

Update: On July 10, 2010, this image is also part of the digital art images I'll be selling in the near future, see Don Larson's Digital Art Posters for those selections.

This image is also available as a Desktop.


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