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Mankind discovered far too late the real cause of global warming. It didn't really matter by then, any solution was far beyond known science at the time.

Eventually the heat became so great that all life ceased to exist on the Earth. The water evaporated away into space. All manmade structures crumbled way, save the three ancient pyramids of Giza.

The long dead architects of those pyramids once calculated that this time would come and built the great edifices to withstand the accumulated energy. It was their unique design, the real Pyramid Power, that allowed them to remain standing. This was the engineering genius of their design they wanted to share with the generations of humankind that followed their zenith.

Unfortunately, their encoded message within the design itself escaped notice. Even though the ancient Egyptians communicated in pictures, modern scientists still could not interpret correctly. Had the Egyptians' knowledge been properly understood by those that followed, global warming could have easily been mitigated when there was still time to act.

The message remains, but no one is left alive to appreciate it. At least the ancient Egyptians tried to help. The effort used to produce the great pyramids turned out to be more than what anyone else did once global warming was understood.

Update: On July 10, 2010, this image is also part of the digital art images I'll be selling in the near future, see Don Larson's Digital Art Posters for those selections.

This image is also available as a Desktop.


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