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Matters Of Perspective

People viewing this image will see it differently depending on how their minds organize the orientation of the three ring objects. Some will interpret the rings in a row receding in the distance; some as an alignment one aside the other; some as a series one in front of the other.

It is possible to "force" the mind to see each of those perspectives and perhaps others too. However, there is the priority view for each person and it is not the same for everyone.

As time goes by I myself see certain life events with either increasing complexity or simplicity as a natural reaction to the physiological design of how my brain is wired. Events of 10, 20, or even 30 years ago have different meanings to me today than they did at the time they occurred.

I used to "force" certain perspectives about events in my life, but now I realize how much energy that took to maintain those views. What brought comfort about them then was largely myth. Time and acquired wisdom now allows me a new perspective. It may be that as more time goes by, those events will clarify further.

On June 20, 2004, I added a QuickTime animation of this image in celebration of my twenty-four year anniversary of working with computer technology. You will find it on the QuickTime Videos page with the name, 'Matters Of Perspective QuickTime'.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as an iPhone Background.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as a Desktop Background. It was created from my Z Images Quartz Composer Screensaver.


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