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Friendly Request

A friend described a scene to me that was pleasant to her. She asked if I would create an image with my interpretation of her depiction.

My friend, Karen W., and I met online in January 2001. We've never met in-person. She's from the south side of Chicago like I am. She went to the same high school I did, although she was year behind me in school. She's married longer than I have been and nowadays lives on the East Coast. She writes great messages that I can not share with you. The point of this writing is to show that strangers can meet online and develop close friendships, respectful friendships, true friendships that last the rest of our lives. People like Karen are hard to find in this world. In some ways she reminds me of my wife, Sherry. In other ways she reminds me of Janie Grant. Karen deserves all the happiness she can obtain in this world. Thanks, Karen, for being here in my life as a friend.


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