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Four Seasons of Equinar 5

Many people complain about the weather, but they never move away to find better weather. Mark Twain said it best with his famous quote, so famous it doesn't need repeating here. :-)

I envisioned a planet, "Equinar 5", far away in another galaxy where the weather changes are far more dramatic. They don't have weather forecasts because the weather on that planet is never the same from from one moment to the next.

They do have four seasons and they abruptly change without any predictability. The calendaring system on Equinar 5 is nothing like we have here on Earth. Their calendar is a continuous stream of new unknowns. Nonetheless they have achieved a highly technically advanced society and peace reigns supreme everywhere.

It makes me wonder what we could achieve if we stopped complaining about the weather on our little planet, our very small place in the Universe?

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