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Domino Fortunes

The game of dominos has many variations and is played all over the world. The simple design originated in China long ago has spawned complex rules and strategies.

When I was a child I would establish long winding columns of dominos that toppled one another with the plinking and cracking sounds as they fell. I learned how to split falling columns in two directions and then on and on until I ran out of dominos.

When I played one of the games, I found I needed to develop a strategy to increase my chances of winning while thwarting the progress of my opponent. The end points or nodes of the ensuing plays could create unexpected shapes with some legs of the designs longer than others.

A player has options which dominos to play, which order to play them, where to play them in alignment to other dominos already played. In some ways, a player can shape the future of the game by deploying one eligible domino instead of another that could have been played.

Extending this idea, I've created a few dominos with artwork as the faces. The artwork symbolizes points in my life. In looking back, I see the path I've been on and how one domino relates to another, and so on up until the present.

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