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To love another is a powerful feeling. Sometimes that love is returned and sometimes not. There are no guarantees in life except the ones you offer unconditionally. When you love, love unconditionally. Stretch as far as you can with your love and you may discover that nothing is beyond reach. From: Love Beyond Reach -- dwlarson

Sometimes the answers we seek are determined through study and research. Often to reach the truth you must ask and be ready to explain your request to another. If there is reluctance or hesitancy on your part to contribute as much information as you expect in return, then you are not yet ready for the truth. A true child of the Sun will know what to do and when to do it with a compassionate and open mind. From: Children Of The Sun, -- dwlarson

The Dawn of Mankind -- Gene Weed, Studio 57A, a Navajo Flute solo joined with the sounds of Nature.

Update October 9, 2010: As of this date there is new content at the new section.

July 30, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Time Out Of Mind Archive Message

The above image is, Don's Ebb Tide

Today's song is Forever Forever by Keiko Matsui, released in 1999.

My goal of 5 million page views for this section of the website was reached earlier this week. Now it's time to close out this part of my online experience.

Officially this section of the website started on April 8, 2002. Unofficially it started nearly ten years ago on September 11, 2000. The email message I received that night turned out to be a very important turning point in life.

Nine years ago today I started understanding the real value that brought clarification to who I had been until then, who I was at that point, and the path I've followed since. In essence the day this website started is part of that latter continuing path. I acknowledge I was inspired by a higher force all along the way.

What wasn't written was in looking back on that email message and the insights my subsequent journey brought to fruition over the years since. I am glad of many things in my life.

I acknowledge others in my life that require mentioning. I owe my life to my deceased Father and Mother. They gave me the opportunity to be here.

My wife of 37 years, Sherry, stands by me each and every day. Her love keeps me going. She accepts me for who I am, faults included.

My daughter, extended family, and friends remain as close as ever to me.

I have not forgotten anyone important in my life.

If we never met, I hope to meet you someday. I'd like that.

From this date forward, this section of the website is mostly static. I have some time to decide what the future is for this site. I may at some point reorganize the content here and changes may occur at that time.

In the meantime there will be some occasional updates to these pages:

You can still reach me via email, Donald W. Larson.

Thank you to all my visitors over the years. You made it the great experience it is.


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